She sells seaglass from the seashore
The seaglass that she sells
are from islands, be sure

Handcrafted designs from the Scottish Isles

Lovingly made for you

Each item has been crafted by hand with labour, attention & love.

No two items the same

Bespoke handcrafted items means your item is completley unique, there is no other like it.

Sourced in Scotland

Each piece has been sourced from natural materials gathered from sites and shores across Scotland and crafted into beautiful pieces by Imogen.

About the Artist

Imogen is a ginger lass from Scotland with a passion for design. She creates arts & craft designs, each unique and painstakingly handcrafted using naturally sourced materials collected from the shores and beaches of the Scottish Isles. Seaglass from Skye, pebbles from Iona, timber from Tiree...

Handmade For You

Seaglass, pebbles & quartz are collected from beaches, forests, mountain tops and shorelines around Scotland.

The items are transported back to Glasgow where the items are hand cleaned and dried.

The readied materials are wrapped in copper wire to give the scavenged item Imogen's signature design.

A thread is added to finish the item and it's ready to go!

The finished item is packaged caringly and sent via post to its new owner!

Natural Materials from Scottish Shorelines


My favourite place of all. Be sure to visit Lochranza Castle and make sure to climb Goatfell.


A small fishing town with little secluded beaches, always nice seaglass finds here.


Worth it when you get to the top. Plenty of good pebbles collected weighing my pockets down and making the climb harder!

Kilfinan Bay

Peaceful & beautiful. Lots of sandy beaches for Ruairi the labradoodle to dig on!

Largs Bay

Land of the Vikings & home to the best ice cream shop.

St Andrews

My hometown has wonderful beaches for gathering seaglass at Castle Beach by the Scores.


My childhood holiday destination. Not so good at the windsurfing so I'll stick to jewellery making!

Loch Lomond

Beautiful from all angles. So many hills to choose from...

Ben Lomond

My first Munro with Ruairi the labradoodle. Struggled through it but it was worth it to gather some pebbles from the peak.

Unique Gifts from Scotland

seaglass jewellery

Seaglass Jewellery